Here is just a little bit about the Bros

Mike Woodcock

What can be said other than he is the main host of the Bro Code podcast show .... mainly because all of the equipment is at his house. He was born in 1986 and has lived in Maryland all that time with the acceptation of 2 years of his life, where he lived in Arizona. He has a wife that he has been with since 2003 and 10 years later they had a baby boy. Mike is sometimes a little too honest, even more so when he is drinking, so don't forget to donate to fund the FUN. (at the bottom of the page)

Jim Jester

Is a big personality for everyone that he meets. He's not only one of the hosts of Bro Code but is also on the radio in Washington DC 106.7 The Fan. But who cares about some other show. 

Regular Guest's


Is our beer, and sports guy. He is also the chocolate in this show of crackers. 


is a writer and a movie buff.